Scribe Alternative: Extelli

There are many Scribe alternatives in the market–today we’ll be comparing Scribe vs Extelli to give you a comprehensive look at both tools. SOPs are needed more than ever in today’s business world, and there are a number of tools available to streamline workflows, centralize knowledge, and ensure compliance. When thinking about adopting a tool to speed up your SOP creation and collaboration, you’ll want to consider ease of use, collaboration features, scalability, security, integrations, and support. Evaluate how well these platforms align with your organization’s needs for enhanced productivity and streamlined processes.


Extelli empowers organizations to improve team collaboration through swift training, easy process updates, and seamless knowledge sharing.


Scribe is on a mission to unleash and uplevel the world’s know-how. The best ways of working are here and they are focused on turning any process into a step-by-step guide, instantly.


Fantastic product! As a startup CEO, I’ve been searching for a tool that can quickly capture and share information across our company as well as to our partners and customers. Extelli is so easy to use, and is priceless for efficiency within our organization.

– Daniel Bolus

Key Features Comparison




Rapid SOP Creation
  •  Intuitive and quick SOP creation process
  •  Baseline SOP creation speed
Knowledge Sharing
  •  Automatic knowledge sharing
  •  Automatic knowledge sharing
Real-time Updates
  •  User-led flagging for real-time updates
  •  Scheduled update options
Self-service Library
  •  Crowdsourced SOP library creation
  •  Limited self-service library
User Interface
  •  Simple and easy-to-use
  •  A number of options that easily becomes overwhelming
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SOP Creation & Updates


  •  Effortless Creation: Rapidly build and customize SOPs in a few steps.
  •  Automatic Updates: Easily update processes and share knowledge automatically.
  •  User-led Feedback: User-led flagging for real-time feedback and updates.


  • Auto-capture and customize any process in seconds.
  • See who views and completes your guides.


Key Takeaway

Both Extelli and Scribe feature click-to-capture SOP creation and user-generated comments and flagging as well as SOP customization features.

Knowledge Sharing


  •  Self-service SOP Library: Create a crowd-sourced repository of knowledge.
  •  Instant Access: Put the right answers at everyone’s fingertips via link, email, PDF and more.
  •  Real-time Collaboration: Crowdsource lessons learned in real time.


  • Share guides in a number of ways, including: link, email, embed and more.
  • See who has viewed, edited and completed your guide.


Key Takeaway

Extelli’s Library feature and real-time collaboration allows users to easily access and edit SOPs, while Scribe’s view, edit and completion feature enables team leaders to have visibility into knowledge intake.

Interface & Usability


  •  User-friendly Interface: Point-and-click to capture, edit, annotate, and update processes.
  •  Inviting Collaboration: Invite team members to view the SOP library or assign Learning Modules.
  • Simple design that isn’t overcomplicated.


  • Redact confidential information easily during guide creation.
  • Multiple options to create, edit and share guides.


Key Takeaway

While Scribe has a few additional features, Extelli’s simple dashboard and intuitive interface allow users to spend less time trying to write and share an SOP and more time sharing knowledge.

Team Accountability


  •  Customize and assign Learning Modules for easy team training
  •  Gain insight into team knowledge absorption and ensure everyone is on track 


  • Seamlessly combine your individual guides into comprehensive learning modules.

Key Takeaway

Both tools offer customizable learning modules that allow you to create, assign and track team learning.

Why Choose Extelli

  •  Efficiency

    Create comprehensive SOPs in seconds, saving time and effort.

  •  Real-time Collaboration

    Foster a collaborative environment with instant updates.

  •  Intuitive Interface

    Easily capture and share knowledge with a user-friendly platform.

  •  Real-time Updates

    Keep knowledge current with user-led feedback.

  •  Team Collaboration

    Foster a knowledge-sharing culture with a self-service library.

  • Price

    Extelli’s price point is accessible for small teams up to enterprise-level organizations


Unbelievably easy to make and use guides. An all-in-one-place tool for training, onboarding, etc.

– Malcolm McDonald

Final Verdict

Extelli stands out for its streamlined approach to SOP creation and real-time knowledge sharing. Its intuitive interface and emphasis on user-led updates make it a top choice for teams seeking efficiency and collaboration.

While Scribe offers comparable features, Extelli’s user-friendly platform and focus on instant updates set it apart. Extelli excels in streamlining SOP creation and facilitating real-time knowledge sharing among teams, providing an intuitive interface and efficient processes. While Scribe offers similar functionalities, Extelli stands out with its simple design, full feature set and budget-friendly price point. 

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