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Extelli makes it easy to capture, curate, and collaborate on your team’s best practices. Get started and make your first Guide in seconds.

Knowledge sharing

Guides in Extelli:


  • ✔ Step-by-step screenshots of your processes in a helpful format
  • ✔ Use Guides on their own, or organize related Guides into Collections
  • Combine Guides into assignable Learning Modules for guided learning


Point and click to capture process steps into Guides quickly with the free Extelli Chrome extension.

Highlight helps track your cursor as you work

Collect screenshots as you click

Object names automatically captured with clicks


Manage and update your Guides easily with intuitive editing tools.

Add titles, descriptions, and alt text to Guide steps for context

Add, duplicate, reorder, and remove steps at any time

Blur, crop, annotate, or rotate your screenshots for more focus

Create Collections to keep related Guides together

Combine Guides into assignable Learning Modules for guided learning

Organize Guides in your private Library or create a shared Library


Share Guides and Collections with your team, customers, and partners.

Invite team members to work together in shared Libraries

Share Guides and Collections individually by email or with a link

Assign Learning Modules with an email invite or a link


  • ✔ Users
  • ✔ Viewers
  • ✔ Captures
  • ✔ Guides
  • ✔ Collections
  • ✔ Learning Modules
  • ✔ File sizes
  • ✔ Guide and Learning Module length

Unlock your team’s knowledge

Extelli makes process documentation and knowledge sharing easier than ever.