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How To Easily Scale Your Business Operations

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Extelli helps Business Operations leaders implement, scale, and support their systems.

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency and productivity of your organization, implementing business process documentation software can be a game-changer. Extelli is a tool that allows you to implement, scale, and support your business processes, from start to finish. 

Business Operations leaders have a hard job. They have to bring it all together behind the scenes: people, processes, and product operations. Not to mention, ensuring that these are always up to date.

Team members, partners, and customers need to be trained in your product, systems, and SOPs. And those changes, all the time.

Your business is constantly changing. Forcing you to implement, support, scale and sometimes remove systems often.

Your product needs to reach your most valuable customers as easily as possible… on their own and with help from your Sales, Marketing, and Customer Success teams. 

All this has to happen right now, scale with your rapid growth, and become more efficient over time. 

It’s your job to make this happen.

Don’t have time for the full article? Here’s what you need to know:

  • Implementing, scaling, and supporting systems requires collaboration with teams, partners, and customers
  • Collaboration needs a common language, knowledge organized for easy use, and tools for teaching and learning from everyone
  • With Extelli:
    • Creating a common language can take seconds, not hours
    • Easily organize knowledge for self-service in the context of your business
    • Teaching and learning from teams, partners, and customers, can be as easy as a few clicks
    • Your best practices can stay up-to-date with the wisdom of your users
  • Extelli is like having an extra set of hands – or 8 – in one product that calms the chaos to bring your people, processes, and product operations together. 

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Integrate all 3 key activities for collaboration

  • Creating a common language
  • Organizing knowledge for easy use
  • Collaborating to teach and learn from everyone

1. Creating a common language

Process documentation is the gold standard for mutual understanding. If everyone works from the same SOP, it’s easy to talk about the same things.

But making a process document is a painful task.

  • Time-consuming – Short processes can take 30 minutes. Long processes can take weeks. 
  • Non-standard – Everyone makes process documents differently. Videos don’t work well for everyone’s detailed on-screen processes.
  • Managing updates – Too much time is needed to refresh outdated documents. Users abandon outdated process documents. Remaking content is even more time-consuming. 

How Extelli helps create a common language:


  • Capture on-screen processes in seconds, not hours
  • Auto-magically turn every click into a screenshot with highlighted click and automatic step name
  • Edit the perfect screenshot with annotation, cropping, and redaction
  • Drag-and-drop to rearrange any step without breaking your format


  • Every process is formatted into a beautifully simple template
  • Viewers experience the same structure in every guide, no matter the topic
  • Enrich any step with descriptions, text formatting, and embedded links
  • Add GIFs, designed images, replacement screenshots, and embedded videos for more context


  • Our Red Flag feedback system turns every viewer into a co-editor who can let you know a process step is outdated with a single click
  • Notifications let you know when a step is red flagged… and let the viewer know when their feedback was helpful

Equipped with a common language that you built in a few hours instead of a few months, you’re ready to implement, support, and scald your operations… but your partners aren’t. How does Extelli bring your knowledge to your team?

2. Organizing knowledge for easy use

Process documentation is only useful if people can find and use it on their own. You’re growing fast, which means you need a self-service option for your team, partners, and customers that they can access whenever they need it. 

But organizing knowledge has serious challenges:

  • Directories hide knowledge – The classic file directory, with its infinite sub-folders, does a great job creating a hierarchy but a bad job keeping knowledge visible. Documents disappear, people find the wrong document, and you end up recreating the document.  
  • Context is missing – Knowledge without context can be downright dangerous. But creating that content is hard when you’re using a typical file structure. Most people skip your well-written Read Me.
  • Use cases vary – 24/7 on-demand support for high-growth companies means you never know what someone will ask next. They may need a quick refresher on a simple process, have a fuzzy problem that needs a toolbox, or be brand-new to a process. One document can’t support all that.

How Exteli helps organize knowledge for easy use:

Keep knowledge visible

  • Find knowledge in seconds with smart search, smart tagging, and filtered views
  • Avoid archaic file directories that bury knowledge in complex file structures
  • Assign the same Guide to multiple Collections and Learning Modules

Provide everything in context

  • Assign Guides to Collections that act like toolboxes for more complex processes
  • Create assignable Learning Modules to onboard everyone to a process in a standard way
  • Enrich every Guide with text, links, images, GIFs, and videos to craft the perfect SOP

Support any use case

  • Share a link or PDF to a Guide for quick questions
  • Create a Collection for more complex processes that anyone can reference
  • Assign a Learning Module when you need the viewer to follow precise instructions for a long process

Organized knowledge is a beautiful thing. Your processes are documented and now anyone can find the answer to every question. 

You’re ready for collaboration.

3. Collaborating to teach and learn from everyone

Business Operations are all about systems, and systems are all about collaboration. You want everyone using the same language to implement, scale, and continuously improve how they work so that you can keep growing. 

But if collaboration was easy, everyone would do it.

  • Teaching the right knowledge – It’s not enough to put the best knowledge into the world; you need to know that your viewers have actually learned from it.
  • Learning from other experts – Your team, partners, and customers are amazing sources of new knowledge. How are you supposed to learn from all of them, though?
  • Keeping it all up to date – A process document is only as good as its latest update. But you have too much going on to check every scenario and update every document. 

Extelli’s integrated knowledge management software does the heavy lifting for you.

Learning Modules make education automatic

  • Build a Learning Module in seconds from the Guides you have already created
  • Assign Learning Modules to team members or any email address
  • Automatically assign Learning Modules to new users, especially for onboarding or new process changes

Turn your partners into Authors

  • Cross-functional teams equipped with Author licenses can co-build content faster than ever
  • Avoid messy meetings and long email chains by having other Authors simply show you what’s going on with their own Guide

Keep it all up to date

  • The Red Flag feedback system makes every viewer a co-editor with a single click
  • Create feedback relationships with Red Flag notifications
  • Never lose a viewer because of an outdated process document again

The magic of knowledge collaboration in one integrated software

Implement, scale, and support your business operations easily by integrating how knowledge is made, organized, and collaborated on into a nimble platform. 

It’s like having an extra set of hands – or eight – in one product that calms the chaos to bring your people, processes, and product operations together. So if you haven’t already, consider implementing business process documentation software in your organization and see the benefits for yourself.

If Extelli doesn’t become your team’s go-to knowledge manager in 30 days, your next month is on us.

Start your free trial today to see Extelli in action!