How Extelli Saved Tyler 10 Hours Training His Marketing Team

How Extelli Saved Tyler 10 Hours Training His Marketing Team

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Meet Tyler. He’s the former Digital Marketing Director at a large non-profit organization with over 350 staff members. After accepting a new job offer, he was tasked with transitioning his workload to a team of 10 people before offboarding.

With those team members joining the staff at different points and having a range of responsibilities, Tyler knew that transferring his knowledge wasn’t going to be easy.

He only had 4 weeks to train his team of 10 across a variety of nuanced tasks that included email marketing, media buying, analytics, and copywriting.

With less than a month to transition, he needed to not only capture all of his knowledge, but also to organize and share it in a way that would be easy to find and use. And he needed to do it fast.

At the time he didn’t know about Extelli — a nimble knowledge management system that makes it easy to share what you know — so he tried a few different approaches…

What Didn’t Work

❌ He recorded Loom videos. But since he’s a bit of a perfectionist, he wasted a lot of time recording them over and over again — and he still had to store them somewhere.

❌ He made Google Docs. But the SOPs he created were collecting dust in a Drive and finding them was like searching for a needle in a haystack. He also needed to include screenshots, which Docs wasn’t ideal for.

❌ He created Google Slides. But Google Slides took way longer than he anticipated because he kept trying to make them pretty.

❌ He built in Notion. But Notion had a learning curve and was far too complex for what he needed.

When Tyler found Extelli

Within minutes he could capture his processes inside Facebook Ads Manager, Google Ads, and wherever he works in a browser. Just by pointing and clicking, each step was broken down automatically with screenshots.

He created a guide for How to Download Receipts in Facebook Ads Manager.

One for How to View Search Traffic in Google Search Console.

And even one for How to Share a Notion Page.

If he needed to add notes or make annotations — it was a click away.

Edit a Capture in Extelli

If he needed to incorporate a short screen recording, or even a Loom, it was also a click away.

Embed Video in Extelli

The best part? Once he was done with recording a process — it was instantly shareable and accessible within a perfectly organized library.

Each of his processes suddenly had a home.

All in all, Extelli saved Tyler and his Digital Marketing Team over 10 hours of manual documentation and plenty of headaches. We’re confident it can do the same for you and your team.


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