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“Choosing Extelli was a no-brainer. After seeing how easy and quickly we can create learning guides and modules, it made sense!”
-Shawn Stone, CS Manager at SecturaSOFT


Technical writing, made easy, for everyone

Show and Tell

Automatically screenshot any process to create a step-by-step Guide

Make It Perfect

Edit your Guide by cropping, annotating, or adding video, text, links, and GIFs

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Auto-magically manage the Single Source of Truth for every user

Keep It Perfect

Empower users to keep your content perfect with one-flick red flag feedback

How Extelli turns your experts into amazing technical writers

Create help documentation
10X faster

With step-by-step screenshots
and easy annotations that show and tell.

Create a Single Source of Truth

With a self-service team Library containing all your Guides, Collections, and Learning Modules

Crowdsource Knowledge To Keep It At Its Best

Invite every user to keep your documents perfect with one click

Turn your experts into amazing technical writers