The Best Document Management System

Say goodbye to hours creating long tutorials and hello to seamless documentation.

Make capturing and sharing documents effortless and enjoyable for your teams.


Document processes in minutes with robust, interactive guides

Streamline your document management system with an interactive step-by-step guide.

create knowledge guides

Put the right answers at everyone’s fingertips

Create a self-service library for all your team’s processes.

Feedback and Notifications

Sharing process documentation with your team is easy

Download your process documents as a PDF or share an editable link to collaborate with your team. 

Guides for product users

Document your knowledge in seconds

Point-and-click to capture, edit, annotate, and update processes.

How it works


Point and click to document your knowledge into easily editable Guides in seconds.


Invite teams to your self-service library or assign Learning Modules for guided learning.


Keep everything up-to-date with easy editing tools and user-led flagging for real-time feedback.

 Built for fast-moving teams

Unstick siloed knowledge, train your team, share process updates, and automate answers to questions. Keep scaling your fast-moving team with ease.


Create training that teams actually want to use and share

collaborate with teams
learning about the product


Build the perfect self-service library that answers questions for you


Share the latest feature and process updates with your teams

knowledge guides for product managers

How Extelli helps teams manage documentation effortlessly

And why you need us, too.

Use Extelli, the best document management system, to help teams create, share, and learn with ease.