how to embed google sheets in notion

How to Embed Google Sheets in Notion: An Interactive Step-by-Step Guide

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Embedding Google Sheets into Notion

Long, text-heavy tutorials are a thing of the past! In this guide, we’ll explore how our interactive approach can revolutionize the way you learn to embed Google Sheets in Notion. Say goodbye to endless scrolling and hello to an immersive learning experience. Let’s dive in and discover the before and after of simplifying your learning journey! 

The old way of capturing knowledge with daunting amounts of text and googling

xThe Old Way

You search on Google for “How to embed Google Sheets in Notion,” but you’re met with a long and overwhelming text. The link you click on presents paragraphs of explanations and instructions, making it hard to grasp a simple process.

– vs. –

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xThe Extelli Way

The new and improved approach guides you step-by-step with interactive elements such as screenshots and visual recordings. Learning becomes engaging, intuitive, and enjoyable. No more lengthy explanations and overwhelming text.

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The old way to explain how to embed Google Sheets in Notion

You’d be Googling “How to embed Google Sheets in Notion” and would find yourself staring at a daunting wall of text. đŸ˜© You’re forced to sift through paragraphs of explanations and instructions, making it difficult to grasp a very simple process. Reading through extensive tutorials becomes overwhelming, and the motivation to learn dwindles. It looks something like this:

Step 1: Setting Up Your Notion Workspace

The first step in the process of embedding Google Sheets in Notion is to ensure that you have a Notion account and a dedicated workspace where you want to incorporate your sheets. Setting up a Notion account is quick, easy, and completely free. Simply head over to notion and sign up for an account. Once you have your account ready, create a workspace where you plan to embed your Google Sheets. This workspace will serve as the hub for all your collaborative efforts and data management.

Step 2: Creating a Google Sheet

Next, it’s time to create the Google Sheet that contains the data you want to embed in Notion. To do this, navigate to Google Sheets by visiting Once you’re on the Google Sheets homepage, you’ll see a prominent “+ New” button. Click on it to start a new spreadsheet. This will open a blank canvas where you can begin customizing your sheet according to your specific needs.

Take advantage of the flexibility offered by Google Sheets and tailor your spreadsheet to your liking. Add relevant column headers that accurately represent the data you’ll be working with. Input the necessary information into the respective cells, and feel free to apply formatting options such as bolding, coloring, and conditional formatting to make the sheet visually appealing and easy to interpret. Remember, the goal is to create a well-organized and informative spreadsheet that will seamlessly integrate with your Notion workspace.

Once you’re satisfied with the structure and content of your Google Sheet, make sure to save it to preserve your progress.

Step 3: Publishing the Google Sheet

To embed your Google Sheet in Notion, you’ll need to publish it first. The publishing process allows your sheet to be accessible for embedding in various platforms, including Notion. To begin, locate the Google Sheets toolbar and click on the “File” option. From the dropdown menu, select the “Publish to the web” option.

A dialog box will appear, presenting you with a few customization options. Ensure that the entire sheet or the desired range is selected for publishing. Once you’ve made your selection, click on the “Publish” button. This action makes your Google Sheet available for embedding, a crucial step in seamlessly integrating it with your Notion workspace.

Step 4: Obtaining the Google Sheet’s Share Link

Now that your Google Sheet is published, it’s time to retrieve the share link. A share link is a unique URL that allows you to share a published Google Sheet with coworkers and embed and hyperlink it from different platforms, including Notion.

To obtain the share link, go to the Google Sheets toolbar and click on “Share”. Set the permissions to “Allow Edit” and copy the link.

You now have the unique link needed to embed your Google Sheet in Notion.

Step 5: Embedding Google Sheets in Notion

With the embed code in hand, it’s time to integrate your Google Sheet into your Notion workspace. Open your Notion account and navigate to the page within your workspace where you want to embed the Google Sheet.

Once you’re on the desired page, locate the “+” icon that allows you to add new blocks to your workspace. Click on the “+” icon and search for “Embed” in the block menu. Choose the “Embed” block type, and a new block will appear on your page.

In the provided field within the Embed block, paste the embed code that you copied from Google Sheets earlier. This action tells Notion to display the embedded Google Sheet within the block you just created. Once you’ve pasted the code, you should see your Google Sheet appear as part of your Notion workspace.

Step 6: Customizing the Embedded Google Sheet

Congratulations! You’ve successfully embedded your Google Sheet in Notion, bringing together the power of collaborative note-taking and dynamic data management. Now that your Google Sheet is integrated into your workspace, take some time to customize its appearance to suit your preferences.

The new way to explain how to embed Google Sheets in Notion

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The days of struggling through lengthy tutorials and information overload are over. By embracing an interactive step-by-step approach with Extelli, learning becomes effortless and enjoyable. No more drowning in the text—instead, you’re guided through the process using engaging visuals and intuitive instructions. Experience the transformation in your learning journey by using the interactive guide powered by Extelli. Unlock your full potential and enjoy the process. Happy exploring! 🐙